Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Way to United
Bhutan is landlocked country in south Asia. It is ruled by king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Before the 1900's to until today,there is a great conflict on religious believe, Democracy, and about the ethnic cleansing.
The history of king wangchuck won the all supreme power by using diplomatic policies to military leaderShabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who fled religious persecution in Tibet and cultivated a separate Bhutanese identity. On the period of shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal had made the agreement paper with Nepalese king Ram Sha on 1624 B.S. For 16 more people with full of talent of construction like temple styles, construct the building, Road, and Big-Big Palaces and give the name and fame as Bhutan.

From there, Nepali speaking people immigrant in southern part of Bhutan and they called as Lhotshampas. They all follow the rule and regulation of country. But Lhotshampa people didn't like the Religion like who ate animals meet, in every time man and women did not like to ware gho- kira national dress. After a years government Representative forced us to ate ox meet and ware national dress in an all position, and sent Nepali women for government solider to sleep. But Lhotshampas arise the voice against the violence, then after soldiers broke out and fired all Nepali people believes like temples, school, and Nepali Books and imprisoned man and raped women in village.

That is the miserable life in Bhutanese village. People are on force to see when army rape their mother, sister and punished their father and brother. Many of Nepali speaking Bhutanese died and force to leave the country on the name of anti-government. By the way, Democracy lover leader arise the voice to international about to protect the human rights of country Bhutan. The government change the policies and made census agenda like people who had citizens, house tax, land tax, animal tax and so on before 1985. they had all but also government Representative shows the gun towards people to be lied on matter, and they categorized us on F7 (F1-F7). And gave some travel amount by snapped happiness mood family photos with full signature in paper. There is written “ I am leaving this country and I get my labor wages as per the agreement before.”

king advisory/ Nepali speaking leader Tak Nath Rizal uplift the voice against that but he was arrested and imprisoned in jail on1989 on the issues of Nepali people did not obey the rules, and other political issues which works full rights of Democracy.

Rizal and other Nepali speaking leaders are evicted and out from the country. In search of them, soldiers ruled the village by their gun and did what they like again. Then, after people are in force to left country since 1990.

Around one lakhs more Bhutanese left the country on midnight for to protect self life. But there is a tragedy on the ways. My mother cried a lot and carried us. She is also touchier on the cases of Army husband. My father works for to protect the country but being a Nepali he is also in high rank. In force of other soldiers my father also left the jobs and punished a lot. Now also he had many wound on his body. In search of my father soldiers punished and harassed my mum too. my mother search father in an any position but she did not got him. With full of tear she left the country like same others Nepali speaking.

After a long walked my family and others people reached on Indian broader with tried mood. We saw first time motor engine car and big building too. We felt amazed and forget some times suffer of hunger. My mum and others search basic needs for us to but Indian soldiers guides us and took over on big truck together in force. We cried a lot of that action of Indian soldiers.The lines of truck and weeping of people heads through truck seems interesting to us. we played Tate games and looked out the passed of environment. But my mum did not ate and slept on the way, she had a full of tear on her eyes. After ten hours, we reached on Nepal Border Machi . Indian Army threw us in-front of cause-way. We had no any hopes, planning and future from there. We passed a week in there. After, government of Nepal listen our language and took over and entry the date and name of asylum seeker on 1991.

With the great support Nepal government, UNHCR, Caritas Nepal, AMDA Hospital, Red cross Lutheran world Federation , and public figure protect us. The supervision of Nepal government all INGOs and NGOs settle us in Refugee camps that is in eastern part of Nepal. We got basic need like ration, health facilities, education and so on. We passed 18 years as miserable life and mixed up planning life on bamboo and thatch hut in seven camps. In between our leader and people focused on return home but did not succeed. But more people's son and daughter died on that issues. People are tried and steps to 15th negotiation with three county, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. But they brought out three agenda that is (A) Back to country (B) third country resettlement © local asylum in Nepal. Many political leader 's and Refugee people as well as Bhutanese communist party argue on that agenda. With full protection and security force Immigration office for refugee(IOM) started their works on 2007 to until today.

We are so happy when first called in UNHCR and IOM for third country Interview. But more fair to communist party and stand their feet on agenda( A) people. Slowly- Slowly more Bhutanese Refugee are out form the camps to different seven country for better life. We also step forward and arrived united states of America on 16 august 2010. we are so happy and tried on two long flight from Nepal to Minneapolis airport.

Now, with mum I and my four brothers, sister and sister in-law leaves in two single apartment in Marion St. Roseville, MN 55113,. Minnesota local agency world Relief help us to make social security and necessary document and other basic need, and looked up to 8 months. World relief registered me and my mum in fair view adult learning center and others for different schools. We are getting more education and better life in Minnesota except the jobs opportunity.

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