Wednesday, March 30, 2011


हे तारा धावा नबोला जुनको छेउमा
सबै इच्छा मेटिदिन्छु उनको छेउमा
नौलाखे भएर जुनेली रातमा चम्कियौ
सबको नानी भई रहिरहन्छु धुनको छेउमा

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fire at Goldhap and Sanischare Camps on 22nd March 2011

Goldhap Camp
Dear all,
It is hard to believe that two fire accidents could take place on the same day in two refugee camps. From all informations collected in both the camps it was accidental and not purposely done. It was 7:22 am when fire broke out in one of the houses in Goldhap. The blowing wind carried the flame from hut to hut. The fire became uncontrollable. In ninety minutes five hundred and twelve huts out of six hundred and five were reduced to ashes. Fire brigade was called. They moved into action and yet they could not arrest the fast spreading fire. Along with the huts our Child Play Centre and Youth Friendly Centre were totally consumed by fire and nothing could be salvaged. All the materials in our Palliative Care Centre were burnt out. The Health Centre run by Association of Medical Doctors of Asia was engulfed by the fire.