Wednesday, September 8, 2010

केवीको सम्झनामा

भुटानी अगुवा केबी खड्काको हत्या भएको आज ठिक एक बर्ष पूरा भएको छ । गत बर्ष आजकै दिन अर्थात भदौ २३ गते भुटानी शरणार्थी शिविर बेलडाँगी नजिकै रहेको हम्सेदुम्से सामुदायिक वन को कार्यालय नजिकै उहाँको नृशंस हत्या गरिएको थियो ।
यसै अवसरमा हृयुरोवका अध्यक्ष एस बी सुव्वाले उहाँलाई सम्झँदै एउटा पत्र लेख्नु भएको छ । उक्त पत्र जस्ताको तस्तै 


To- day is 8th September 2010, the unfortunate day exactly a year ago on which the criminals had laid their cruel hands upon you and taken your life. It is so painful to reminiscence the day and more painful is unaccomplished mission and vision that we charted on 7th September 2009 just a day before the cruel hands had taken your life to fight for the rights and justice to our people. You have indebted me with unredeemable gratitude that remains engraved in my heart forever. If it were not you, perhaps I would have been languishing in Chandragadi jail for no guilt in the murder case of Santi Ram Nepal, whom the very same criminals those killed you had killed him. You have lived up to that day, just to rescue me from falling in the conspiracy game to besmirch my image. However, the wicket people have not spared me from their greater conspiracy of maligning. They have taken the opportunity of your death to grand design of their malicious political vendetta and implicated me. They have misled your father, wife, children and relatives to misgiving that I was part in your murder and lodged FIR in the police station in Damak. I wish that your soul could speak to them and make them understand that how pure I am and by doing so they are committing sin of killing 100 cows. In contrary, the same group of criminals is hunting my life and so far I have been lucky to be alive. The insatiable bloody criminals have killed Ramesh Subba too, who was committed soldier and was actively working to give fitting challenge to the Druk regime. The cowards could not withstand your good work to the community and challenge you posed to them and they realized no other better counter than to take your life.  They are running around with blood stained hands and guilty face.
I miss you and along with me thousands of refugees too. May your soul rest in eternal peace and may God bestow upon your family enough strength to bear your absence and work towards better future.

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