Sunday, December 18, 2011

Both Jesus and Refugee are immigration-Pastor Jim

On the Eva of 104th Bhutan National Day pastor Jim focus the point of Lord Jesus birth and resettlement of Bhutanese in Minnesota. Jim points his words on birth day of Jesus in Bethlehem and evicted from his wonder full country. After that Jesus ruled under the supervision of god and protects us from suffering and pain.
Meanwhile, Refugee from different nation’s also evicted and past miserable life in Camps. Then after, “Called from the East, The west, the North, and The South.” god united us.” He added “Bring my son from afar and my daughter from the Ends of the earth.”
Likewise, Bhutanese Bethel Church prays for all nations and hopes to be return back soon. Around one hundred Bhutanese people observe the national day of Bhutan along with Birth day of Jesus “Christmas” with wonderful myth songs and dance.
Church honor two pastor Kishor and Jim and Minnesotan Women Naomi Ryman.
BBC pastor kishor Gurung address “Jesus is way and life”. He describe the every years of 17 December as special days of Bhutan and Jesus Birth day “charismas”. American and others nations Disciple observe Charismas on 25th December.

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