Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Friends

arjun pradhan/BNS

It’s me arjun pradhan corresponded of I am refugee of bhutan. I born in tshirang and i came from bhutanese refugee camp beldangi one nepal.

Currently iam in United States of America, marion , Roseville minnesota city. I safely reached here on 17 Aug from the roots of New Delhi to brawsel , new york and end minnesopalis. On the way iam the leader of 37 members and they also safe and resettle in different city. I miss them also.

Bhutanese refugee in minnesota.
I really miss and love my next mother lap nepal because nepal gives me changes to play, and read as well as make me good in all. I remembered my four square side of hut with delegate relation with plastic and thatches for protection of shelter from uncontrolled rain and sun.
Anyway i reamin all the seven camps play ground, market, school and refugee agencies Caritas Nepal-YFC, UNHCR, IOM, Nepal government and beloved friends as well as Reverent father, father peter jong lepcha and brother monrath pokhrel, seven coordinator and prateet editorial team as well as damak based journalist and my brother rajen dahal, yam thulung, prakash angdembe and so on.
I passed the precious days in refugee camp. It makes me well and challenges with different situation. That’s way “we are born to be great”. Father P.s
By this thrill everybody youths those who are resettle and have in camps change the world and make society violence free and searching for peace in self mind and make education field good .
At last, I get good opportunity to resettle in United States of America through full support of UNHCR and iam great full to IOM and all camp based organization. Here iam well and changing my body skin like snake to get develop and busy in American time.
Please everybody, love me and be in touch and view the current report from Iam here to know some things and u are in different city of United States of America as well as in far from me. Well god helps us to work for the rights of people.

I would like to gives thanks to those who are volunteer in camp and youth friendly center (YFC) .they has to change their life smoothly here after resettle.

Thanks all

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